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If I remember correctly, the last time that a mailbox was added in Tibia "in a place of hunt" was in Zao, will it be for a particular reason that they are not being implemented in these updates?

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Since there is a lot of high levels with enought capacity for being hours hunting and also imbuements of capacity there is no need of send parcels for capacity.
But if you are low level is still good to use for capacity because sometimes your supplies will long more than your capacity and on this case its worth to use it.
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Sad but true, the "lootbag era" came to an ending with the addition of new creature products, making Mailbox less important than they were before. And indeed, High Levels going to the stratosphere of experience made the game less dependent on mailing system for new areas.

But pay attention: Having Royal Mailboxes enabled on a maker character is always good. Also, having the Postman Quest done is essential if you are planning to stay a Free Account for a while.
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