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As many of you have probably seen this year, the light-bearer event was an utter failure on some servers and many players are frustrated because even though they "did their part", they just wasted their time. From my point of view, the main reasons that servers failed were: the lack of communication, low online numbers, bad rewards for players above level 200.

So with that in mind, how do you think Cipsoft could improve the Lightbearer event? enlightened

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Your server lost in Lightbearer this year because of longer server safe.

In my opinion reward from the point of view of a high-level player is not attractive. Maximum ammount of experience points, which I can get for all of basins is 2,4kk, so I can make more during a hunt in the same time.  For busy people this event is wasting of their time or way to exp their low-level noobchars.

To make this event more interesting, it should be expanded with new basins on new areas. Ammount of midnight shards, which we can get and exchange should be also increased. High level players could get at least 10kk experience points.

I wouldn't make this event easier. It's easy as it is right now.

I also wouldn't make reward for whole server bigger, since there is absolutely enough ways to make level fast nowadays. Double skill/xp weekends, rapid respawn weekends all the time. We don't need even greater rat race.
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IMO they should also look after the carbombs spawns made by players, specially for the Yalahar basin. Some streams showed that the place was impossible to enter without getting an insta death

btw, making it bigger and placing the basins on certains places isn't really the best idea, since most of basins need a lot of low level chars to guarantee that they will be on until the end. For example, placing one in Issavi desert with HL monsters would make the whole thing much worse to deal. But I am ok with expanding basins to other accessible areas
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One thing that would work is making Free Accs getting access to the torch item in a more reasonable way. Frankly, if they can help anyway, why Cipsoft can't make a NPC in Free Acc areas that would give the torch to them?

A simple way of correcting excessive rewards to Free Acc players would be simply inserting a minimum level required for Free Accs chars and also giving to these players a low and symbolic reward. We would have more public willing to do something for the server. Not to mention retired people that want some charms and need a torch to get it. World Quests should involve the whole server and I don't see why Free Accs can't really help in an efficient way.

Other than that, I would be ok with Basin expansions happening on easy to access areas, specially the Free Account ones but ONLY if we get a way more meaningful reward from completing the event. And yes, I really think that we need much better rewards to High Level players. That's something that it is definitely missing.

One last thing would be chance to get some sort of random prize out of it if you light all basins and possibly some new ones to be inserted, I think that it would stimulate people on having multiple characters helping out on it... But that's just my two cents.

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I really like the point about the rare rando reward for lighting all the basins, similarly to the orcsoberfest and the witches cauldron event players would be motivated to act in order to get a rare decoration item or something :)
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I agree 100% to what you said I also think the world events should be possible to all players (premmy and free) but ofc differents rewards but at least they should reach the npc and get the torch not just begging for a torch (begging to do a event not everyone is premmy all year or can’t buy don’t want to pay premmy just for an event)
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Maybe they should change the way how the event happens, but they can not change the main ideia that is the world work together
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Have the Midnight Shards scale up past Lvl 200  seems the obvious answer. A lot less incentive to light the basins for a lvl 800 when they will be getting what means less than a hours hunt worth of experience for it.
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I think ppl who have done lightbearer before should have possiblity to get any new reward
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I totaly agree with you
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I think they must make some changes at the event.

  1. First they could move the basin places to increase the difficult.
  2. Then they must improve the rewards in two ways: the personal loot must be more atractive, especially to players high lvl, aslo the bonus to the world could stay active for more days. Futhermore, they culd implement a system that gives a better reward those who complete the event sucessfully more than one time in sequence.
  3. Maybe a competition among the worlds, like the world with more events done has a special reward
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I don't think that they should move the basins at all. They are fine where they are, and let's remember that level 100-200 players and low level ones are crucial to the success of this event. And last, remember the horrible "car bomb" that people usually do with the Yalahar basin...
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Maybe they could create like 3 new basins considerably harder, and you receive an extra reward per each of these three basins that you kept lit until the end of the event.
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I'm not sure about the basin idea because that just increases the problem, however if high-level players were somehow rewarded then it definitely could work.

I really like the competition among the worlds but due to the very large disparity in populations between worlds I think it wouldn't be possible.