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many of us know that in the old Tibia exist items like the horned helmet and the winged helmet that were spawned in lighthouse of thais and in the dead tree of outlaw camp.

but a long time ago it is no longer possible to obtain these items in this way

Then it would not be a good idea, that Cipsoft implemented new "legendary" items like these to revive the old legends of unique items?

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I think that alot of people only remember Tibia for that kind of items, in the past, you did not have blessings and you where scarry to die and lose your items. The game was a rpg of misteries and legends! not only for make experience.

I still remember when Knightmare make alot of puzzlet in Tibia and you and your friend spend days, weeks, months or years taking the clues and trying to solved.

I like the idea of new secret items like "Oh, you know that only 1 guy in Refugia have the Demon boots ?, He have said that the found in the dungeons of Jakundaf Desert"

Tibia have ALOT of places that were in the hearth of the players, if Cipsoft can use that places like the Jakundaf Desert to make new stories like the Godlike items. it would be splendid
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I'm partially concordant with your answer. I like the idea of reviving old mysterious places that supposedly had epic quest (Silver Mace Quest on Desert Dungeon, for example), but I don't know if I want legendary items as a reward. Keep in mind that the Desert Dungeon was supposed to be a very complex and challenging quest, but nowadays is just a walk in tunnels followed by a cute bag filled with money. No RPG at all, not even a battle needed to get the treasures chests.
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I'd much more prefer them to be rewards for players who contributed greatly to Tibia by reporting critical bugs or helpig the community than introducing them as quest rewards or monster drops.
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To be honestly, I like on how these items are unique and singular. Giving them away on quests destroys the "aura" that they have, even if the quest is difficult and complex.

Frankly, I would accept a proposal like @asen said: Make these item rewards to active players that helped the community in a very positive and significant way. Having them being on quests will "waste" the legendary status that they aggregated to Tibia's history.

Of course, Cipsoft can upgrade item stats and make them important for gameplay, but sincerely I do not see a point on this. Cipsoft can create new items for higher levels and make these ultra rare tier items something that should be given only to a very restricted amount of relevant people on Tibia.