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It is the giving time of the year and my question is about implementing a system to gift players by your actions during the event and doing so many of these challenges rewarding you? not sure how to work this out but i feel an event like this fits the theme of the holiday

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I think it's a great idea. For now everyone just going to the Santa taking present and thats all.... It would be nice to involve people to focus a little more on this event.

It would be great if they would make as a reward some christmas items like tables, etc. Im not sure but now we can only buy christmas tree for tibia coins?
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A secret Santa style system could be fun too. Everyone participating joins and randomly gets given a name to gift something to.
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I like the ideia but I don't see any chance of CIPSOFT implement such thing. Just think about if you spent your time doing something to give a nice gift to someone that maybe you never saw at life and do not receive anything at you time, you could blame the system and much more problems that might occur.
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My idea was donating and then also recieving a special gift for donating so many times so no matter what you get your reward