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Hi,  I'm wondering if there is any other place for hunting with huge exp/h except:

- deep banuta. I hunting here with aoe style. Have amazing exp and have pretty nice loot/h.

- edron south weremobs ( style and loot as above)

- west oramond ( good exp but don't have any loot)

On all of this places I can easily get 2kk exp/h. I'm looking for some other places with similar exp/h.

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On inquisition quests there is a nice hunt place where you got nice profit and nice exp/h
The hunt is doing Hellfire figther respwns + Spectre seal , you get like 2kk/hour  with 150%

Set: Magma set for hellfire figthers with firewalker boots and for spectres just a dwarven ring. You can do also the run to the quaras to get a extra exp and a nice bestiary bost.

Video example


Another good respwn for you is Asura's palace , its a bit more risky but with practice you can easily hunt there , nice exp and nice profit.
Asura's palace hunt example