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Which weapon would be better for 100 RP ? Bow of Destruction or Crossbow of Destruction ? And what to imbue it with ? Also is it wise to have a second weapon of the same type so i can kill stuff without wasting imbuement time for killing monsters while i am not hunting ?

Thanks in advance!

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If your asking I'm assuming you cannot afford both. I would go with the bow of destruction that way you are able to single target with it and also AoE team hunt with diamond arrows. I cannot stress enough the importance of AoE hunting with RP's they added it to the game and we need to fully embrace it.

As far as imbues go, I personally like the tier 2 mana leech, life leech, and crit.

Again in my own personal opinion I have a rift bow and a bow of destruction fully imbued, I use the BoD for large team hunts with friends and Rift when I hunt solo AoE. My third bow I use for questing or beastiary is my umbral bow with only crit imbue. All in all it is awesome to have multiple weapons in your arsenal!

Lastly do not worry too much on your imbuements while in a hunt as long as your staying profitable during your hunts the imbuements will pay off in the long run. Happy Hunting Bro!
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Crossbows and Bows arent like were on old times possible for low levels both works on hunt but while you are progressing on level the difference will be much noticeable, Go for Bow on Hunts, Crossbows on Bosses. 

Bow of Destruction with Critical Imbue, Leech Mana, Leech Life. You can have your Warsinger for save up your imbuements or stay on Stars.