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For example, in the olden days Demons used to drop coconuts. What are some other times where CIP removed loot from creatures where the loot to begin with seemed silly?

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Rotworms used to drop Legion Helmet, but in 2009 it was removed from it and now only "Rottie the Rotworm" and "Rotworm Queen" drops it.

It is still required for an outfit (citizen)

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Wow I really didnt know about that helmet
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I used to hunt rotworms while i was making runes in 2003  and dont even remember this. Nice fact.
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Yeah, it was the best helmet in Rookgaard, but it was very dangerous to kill rotworms back then, so it was very valuable in rook >:)
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Grynch Clan Goblin apparently once gave 1cc, Elvenhair Rope,  vampire shield and some pillows, but I think it was deleted.

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yes, white still drop but others colors no :) it isn't valuable, normal pillow
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Here is old loot list I found on history of tibia wiki
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ohh great, more items :) idk about that
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Well, a good call would be the old loot from Wild Warrior. Back in the day, it was possible to get a War Hammer! With 45 atk and for both hands, this was the dream of many club users back in the day. However, I remember that by 2010 the loot was already removed.

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wow didnt know they used to drop war hammers, i do see tibia wiki removed it off of the history of wild warriors back in 2013 :( before that it had a question mark on it. prettyy sad!