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Is there any notes as to how to speak Bonelord language? Tibia Fandom is a little outdated and I was wondering if anyone decoded Bonelord language yet.
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One of the biggest mysteries of Tibia.  Knightmare isnt giving any clues and if anyone has solved it, theyre not sharing.

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Actually there's no clue of how we can speak this language, but according with TibiaWiki there's some interesting facts that lead us know that the bonelord language could be somehow related to math:

They are found in crypts: referring to cryptography
Bonelords use eyes to communicate: referring to binary code
The name "bonelord" is a reference to Barebane
In Hellgate there's a formation of skulls that can be thought as a mathematical matrix, so mathematical matrix could be a key to understand the language 

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Interesting answer, thanks for the details.