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Hey there. Just letting you know that since you have reached 500 points, you are now able to approve/reject posts by unregistered users. You can do it via Admin -> Moderate. Thanks for your contributions!
2 days ago by Ellotris Guardian  
Yes, it's perfectly fine to answer old questions, especially if there's no complete/satisfying answer yet.
Nov 6 by Ellotris Guardian  
It's fine bro, I'm here to help, not to cause distress. Sorry again.

I've reformulated my answer, check it to see if it actually improves the post.
Nov 6 by YuriValle  
You seemed offended by the assumption that you don't understand the English language.
That was not my intent. (English is a language not an idiom tough)

Nonetheless I'll remove the massive post on my wall as well as the comments on the question as I mentioned, furthermore I'll elaborate the answer although keeping the reference to the wiki as I find that a single source of truth is better to maintain as opposed to multiple sources.
I don't mean to be picking on you or being offensive, It's just a that the way TQA seems to be goes partially against other Q&A boards go, for instance StackOverflow.

Although allowed, it's a practice that is shunned upon, as the community itself says and does, as it's always biased as you're bound to your own knowledge.
Nov 6 by YuriValle  
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