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Today my balance was above normal, and I didn't sell any goods on the market. So, I believe someone has transferred it to me, is it possible for me to find out who transferred gold coin to me through the bank's npc or is it impossible?

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It's sadly impossible to know who sent money to you at the Tibia bank because there's no bank history for your account. There's a bank history for Guild bank accounts though in the Guild Activity Log on the website once you've logged on and located your guild by either going through the guild tab under community or looking up your character and clicking on the guild. I wanted to quote this from the website: "In the guild activity log, each guild member can view important data of the last 30 days such as the date when a character has applied or joined a guild when a character has been promoted or degraded, or who deposited to or withdrew money from the guild bank account." Source- https://www.tibia.com/gameguides/?subtopic=manual&section=guilds There also is a coin history for who sent you Tibia Coins, click on store and history in the client to see your coin history. Or you can go on Tibia's website, sign in to your account, click on manage account, then scroll to where it says history and click on coin history.