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The following is a list of all badges available on this site:
Verified Human Successfully verified email address x962
Nice Question Question received +2 upvote x2179
Great Question Question received +10 upvote x12
Notable Question Asked question received 150 views x4549
Popular Question Asked question received 500 views x1813
Nice Answer Answer received +2 upvote x3361
Great Answer Answer received +10 upvote x5
Revival Received Good Answer badge in response to a question more than 60 days old x21
Resurrection Received Great Answer badge in response to a question more than 120 days old x2
Gifted 1 answer selected as best answer x233
Grateful Selected 1 answer as best answer x205
Annotator Posted 500 comments x3
Bloodhound flagged 50 posts as inappropriate x2
Pitbull flagged 200 posts as inappropriate x1
Reader Read total of 50 questions x222
Regular First visited more than 90 days ago x1172
Old-Timer First visited more than 180 days ago x1124
Ancestor First visited more than 365 days ago x973
10,000 Club Received total of 10000 points x1
63 total badges, 19482 awarded to the community
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