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Character name: Thaian Prisoner
Game world: Kenora
Location: Brazil
About: Since 2009. From Thoria.
Moderator of TibiaQA.

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To be honest you would probably be a great community manager for tibiaqa because of your YouTube skills and how you interact with the community
Dec 13, 2020 by shawtay
Left a comment on your video! Awesome job you need to start making videos again. I know some answers could use a video as a great addition. :) I hope all unsolved things in tibia aren't just for flavor as well. Maybe going into your theories on how to decipher things would be an interesting video. Or a countdown of the top 10 mysteries in tibia or something like that.
Dec 12, 2020 by shawtay
Hello! I was wondering.. now that I made 4k points, should I wait for you to Contact me about the little beautiful owl? Or how does this work? ;P
Jan 24, 2020 by Beix


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