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I know there's lightweights but what item in Tibia is the lightest? Swan FeatherChicken Feather For example, I know of chicken and swan feathers... can something possibly be lighter than .10 oz in Tibia?

Edit: Also wanted to add a gold coin and a small emerald are also .10 oz....

Gold Coin Small Emerald

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The lightest item is:

  • Ring of ending Ring of Ending 
  • Weight: 0,00  (It can be created by using a String of Mending on an equipped Broken Ring of Ending).

You see a ring of ending.

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 200 or higher.

It weighs 0.00 oz.

This constantly rotating ring is perfectly weightless, yet feels infinitely heavy at the same time. You read: This eternal ring was forged in the pain of (player name) and hardened by (his/her) endurance.

List of the items with weight less than 10 oz (examples):

  • Black Jade Cobra Black Jade CobraWeight: 6,50
  • Black Pit Demon Black Pit Demon Weight: 5,00
  • Blue Pit Demon  Blue Pit Demon Weight: 5,00
  • Brown Pit Demon Brown Pit Demon Weight: 5,00
  • Burnt Out Devourer Core  Burnt Out Devourer Core Weight: 5,60
  • Candlestick Candlestick Weight: 3,00
  • Charged Ghost Charm Charged Ghost Charm Weight: 9,00
  • Devourer Core  Devourer Core Weight: 5,60
  • Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm Weight: 1,50
  • Filled Receptacle  Filled Receptacle Weight: 1,20
  • Frozen Starlight Frozen Starlight Weight: 0,20
  • Ghostsilver Lantern Ghostsilver Lantern Weight: 6,00
  • Gleaming Starlight Vial Gleaming Starlight Vial  Weight: 2,00
  • Trapped Lightning  Trapped Lightning  Weight: 9,0
  • True Heart of the Sea True Heart of the Sea  Weight: 9,7
  • Torch Torch Weight: 5,00
  • Sun Mirror Sun Mirror Weight: 8,50
  • Strange Symbol Strange Symbol  Weight: 2,00
  • Stone of Wisdom Stone of Wisdom  Weight: 9,99
  • Small Dragon Tear Small Dragon Tear  Weight: 0,10
  • Shining Sun Catcher Shining Sun Catcher  Weight: 2,00
  • Rift Lamp Rift Lamp (Charging)  Weight: 8,00
  • Red Pit Demon Red Pit Demon Weight: 5,00
  • Mining Helmet Mining Helmet Weight: 7,00
  • Lit Moon Mirror Lit Moon Mirror Weight: 2,00
  • Imbuing Crystal  Imbuing Crystal Weight: 2,50
  • Green Pit Demon Green Pit Demon Weight: 5,00
  • Green Light Green Light Weight: 0,20
  • Golden Bell Golden Bell Weight: 1,55




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I had no idea there was an item that weighed nothing what the heck lol. Thanks for the additional responses but the answer is clearly the item that weighs nothing.
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While the item that I gonna cite is not the lightest one, it is the easiest one to get among the most light items. It weighs 0.05 oz (super light)

It weighs 0.05 oz.

Pretty common to get a bunch of these in several occasions. Nice for decoration or even as a light snack!



https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Candy (I've pasted the content above from this website)

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wooww how is candy .05 and a feather .10? O.O thanks.
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And candy canes are 0.50 oz ^^ go figure out how Tibia physics works, hahaha, it is crazy