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I know there's some items that are unobtainable or never to be seen in any decor. Now that we have the Cyclopedia, teasers and clear images of updates it's easy to tell when an item was implemented. Fansites tend to keep track of when items were implemented too. However, fansites tend to be unreliable sometimes.

I was wondering if there's a way to know when an item was exactly implemented in the game? I'm also speaking for the unobtainable and unseen items. How do people know these items exist and when they started to exist?

For example:

Native Armor The Native Armor on Tibia Fandom states it's from the Winter update of 2004. However, the images of the Native Armor I'm finding all point to Pythius the Rotten's treasure room which was created on December 10, 2008.  How did we know this item existed in 2004?

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Native_Armor

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Im not sure about some of the information that Tibia Fandom have, because they says the Native Armor is from 7.4 (Maybe a mistake while typing?), but as you says, the first time we could see this armor was in 2008, when Yalahar was implemented. 

By saying this, in my opinion the best way to see when a item was implemented is checking all the supported tibia fansites, forums and Tibia.com, reading the news and sprites of the updates.