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Yes ,is by the gummies, Is my fav candy.
1 day ago by Trululu Gumdrops
Oh!! Nice video!  I also killed the Community and I don't drop anything good,  would be interesting to know if it drops any kind of rare or valuable item.
3 days ago by Oriibsz
Congratz on the 5000 points man, well deserved! I used your picture of the Isle of Merriment map in my thumbnail in my new video btw, so thanks again for that ^^
3 days ago by Dream Warden
Thanks Jaddd s2
3 days ago by Oriibsz
GTZ!!!!   5000!
3 days ago by jad selley
Thanks you Little!
3 days ago by Oriibsz
Congratz on 5000 !
3 days ago by Little Snail


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