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Does anybody knows which is the best Equipment to use as MS Level 250+ to hunt in Sphinx  and  Crypt Wardens?

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Well If you gonna ofc run with them, Crypt warden dont have range attack so lets leave them. Sphinx have range attack by holy, So depends on you If u want put imbuing inside your spellbook and armor with holy protection.

  obrazek Gnome Helmet with M lvl and Mana leech.

  obrazekGnome Legs

 Enchanted Theurgic AmuletEnchanted Theurgic Amule

 obrazek Firemind Raiment or obrazekThundermind Raiment or  obrazek Dream shroud or Toga MortisToga Mortis

obrazek Cobra wand with additional m lvl and mana leech or obrazekWand of Destruction with additional m lvl and crit.(I hunt like that someone might have problem why without 2nd mana leech it all depend on person. :)  )

 obrazek Sun catcher 

obrazek Book of lies or Spellbook of Ancient Arcana Spellbook of Ancient Arcana or Spirit Guide Spirit Guide or obrazek Umbral master Spellbook

Pair of Nightmare Boots Nightmare Boots

obrazekRing of Green plasma