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My team and I want to start hunt at Rotten Wasteland, one of the new hunt place from Soul War Quest. I wanna know what is the best equipment I should use as MS. I actually will use:

  • Falcon Wand with Void and Strike.
  • Eearthmind raiment.
  • Pair of dreamwalkers with Swiftness Imbue.
  • Soulful Legs.
  • Umbral Spellbook
  • Lit torch 
  • Theurgic Amulet
  • Ring of Green Plasma / Ering - Utamo
  • Mastermind Potion

We will just start but once we complete the bestiary what charms I should use?

Thanks in advance.

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I would use:

1.Gnome Helmet- Imbue: (M lvl or Mana) depends on your taste.
2.Living Armor- Imbue: Holy
3.Lion Wand- Imbue: Mana/Crit
4.Shoulder Plate- Imbue: Holy

everything else seems perfect. For Charms Enflame and Curse would be your best options your weak options would be Zap. Use Enflame rune on Rotten Golems (+25%weak) & Curse on Branchy Crawler (+15%weak).

Have a nice Hunt!
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Mega7, consider posting this as an answer

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Theurgic Amulet                - Gnome Helmet

- Lion Wand                       - Elven Mail - Shoulder Plate

Ring of Green Plasma      - Gill legs   - Lit Torch

                                                  - Pair of Dreamwalkers


- Soulful Legs

- Umbral Master Spellbook

- Falcon Wand  

- Living Armor 


Gnome Helmet- Powerful Void (Mana Leech) & Powerful Epiphany ( Magic Level);

Lion Wand- Powerful Void (Mana Leech) & Powerful Strike ( Critical)

Elven Mail -Powerful Demon Presence (Holy Protection), Powerful Snake Skin (Earth Protection), Powerful Vampirism ( Life Leech)

Shoulder Plate -  Powerful Demon Presence (Holy Protection) 

Pair of Dream walkers- Powerful Swiftness (Speed)

Umbral Master Spellbook - Powerful Demon Presence (Holy Protection) 

Falcon Wand- Powerful Void (Mana Leech) & Powerful Strike ( Critical)

Living Armor - Powerful Demon Presence (Holy Protection)


Enflame on Rottem Golem as weak to fire (125% damage taken) 

Curse or Zap on Branch Crawler as weak to Death (115% damage taken) and Energy (105% damage taken). 

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I'm currently using:
Gnome helmet with t3 ML and t3 void
Lion wand with t3 strike and t3 void

Elven mail with t3 holy, t3 earth and t3 vamp

Shoulder plate with t3 holy

Dreamwalkers with t3 speed

Soulful legs

Theurgic amulet (Bring some sacred tree amulets just in case, they're really quite cost-efficient)

Green ring of plasma

Happy hunting!