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Does anybody know what the best equipment and charms to use as Master Sorcerer level 250+ to hunt in Roshamuul Prison -3? I know I'll hunt the following creatures there: Plaguesmith, Dark Torturer, Demon Outcast, Blightwalker, Hellhound and  Juggernaut.

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This is equipment, you should use depends of your budget:

  •  Tiara of power/Gnome helmet (with Mlvl and Mana leech)/Dwarven Helmet (with Mana leech)
  • Void boots/Pair of Nightmare Boots
  • Gill Legs/Gnome Legs
  • Umbral Spellbook/Spirit Guide(you can make in it some protection imbuements, like against fire but it's not needed. The main damage is from energy)
  • Dwarven Armor (Imbue on Life and mana leech) If you want more protection/Dream Shroud (mana or life leech)- if you want make more damage
  • Rainbow Necklace/Amulet of Theurgy
  • Prismatic Ring
  • Gleaming Starlight Vial

Best charms which you should have on prison are:

  •  Freeze - On 
  •  Zap - on 
  •  Cripple - on 
  • Dodge  - on   or  (eventually)
  •  Wound - on  (eventually)