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Hello Ellotris! The answer made by Zupakode here seems to be kinda clumsy... The table isn't contained on the answer itself. Do you know how can it be fixed?
Apr 10, 2019 by FPoPP
Hi! How are you? I'm kind of confused with which tag could be appropriate for this question... Any hint to me?
Apr 6, 2019 by FPoPP
Where is the option to delete an account?
Mar 7, 2019 by Eri
Is it ok if I answer a really old question with new information?
Nov 5, 2018 by FPoPP
Hello there, I would like to understand why TibiaQA allows people to ask and answer their own question.
Such behavior shouldn't be allowed for the following reasons:
When you ask and answer your question, the reality of the fact is he who posted the question and answer is just attempting to rank up on the community as he gets points for both, asking and answering.
Sadly, most of the questions asked and answered by the same people are either opinion based or do not reflect a real world scenario.
Also, when I, for instance, notice the same person asked and answered I don't want to answer the question even when both are ill-formed and poorly answered with inaccurate  information because not only do I have to reformulate the question as I have to get a proper answer, meaning I have to try and teach someone that believes he already knows the subject in question.
And, of course, it also demotivates anyone to reply to the question to really answer it, what happens is, he who asked actually thinks he knows what he's talking about and is, often, resilient to attain the correct information.

I understand that TibiaQA needs a 'base' of information, but I feel that by doing this it drives people away more than actually brings them together.
Nov 5, 2018 by YuriValle
I used a post from a blocked thread... Is that ok to do that? I did this because I don't know if the thread with the blocked answer that got upvoted will be counted in the end of the contest.
Nov 4, 2018 by FPoPP
Done! I fix my post, but, can i delete the old answers?
Sep 26, 2018 by Rauros Storage
Sorry for doing that. I didn't realize my mistake. Could you please email me the deleted content?
Sep 8, 2018 by FPoPP
Hello! I have a question: Was my question about Utevo Lux utilization on Magic Level training deleted? Or I am just making a confusion and I never finished that post?

Sorry to disturb you, I am very confused.

All the best,
Fresh Prince of Persia
Sep 6, 2018 by FPoPP


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