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What are the best hunting spots for a level 100+ paladin to get the best exp per hour? I don't mind waste. Some estimation on exp/hour I can get in the mentioned spots would also be nice.

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At level 100+ the best bet for Paladins is single target hunting and in many spawns this is best done by using a fire or energy wall rune where you can kite them (make the monster run around while following you but not being able to hit you).

Fire dragon dojo [100+] -  This spot is located under the Temple of Equilibrium in the Muggy plains (Farmine/Zao). Bring fire walls and kill the Lizard Chosens 1 by 1, you could make up to around 500k/h on 150% stamina. You need to get to mission 9 of The new frontier quest to get access to this place.

Thais Cults [100+] - Located just east of the Mintwallin entrance, all you need to do to get access is to talk to the NPC outside the entrance to the spawn and say Hi > Mission. The minotaur mages use an AoE heal and can do some damage so bring fire bombs or walls to minimize the pulls. A level 200+ can do around 1kk/h in here on 150% stamina but you should be able to get 300-500k/h at least. It's advised to do The postman quest for access to the royal mailbox in the north end of Mintwallin for the loot bags you need due to the cap on loot. You also need 150+ Oramond voting points to be able to sell all the loot.

Oramond selling access

How to get Oramond points easy

Carlin Cults [100+] - You need to pick up a bone key and press a brazier on the wall for access to this place, the loot is not very good unless you get a few rares from the renegade knights and such but exp is okay. Be careful while entering the portal as you will be surrounded by around 10 monsters, run to a corner and put a firebomb on yourself to get an easier start at this place. A level 200+ can get up to 1.5kk/h at 150% in here but at 100 you should be able to get 500-600k+/h.

Access to Carlin Cults

Ghastly Dragons [130-150+] - After hitting level 130 you can start taking the Ghastly Dragon tasks in killing in the name of quest since this place gives quite good loot, task boss and experience. You need to do the new frontier quest mission 8 and mission 1 of the wrath of the emperor to get access to the Ghastly Dragon spawn in northern zao, mission 2 of the wrath of the emperor is advised for the shortcut to the rebel spawn. Make sure to bring fire walls and some fire bombs for control. You can get 350-500k/h on 150% stamina on this spawn, maybe even 700k+ if you push it in later levels.

the new frontier quest

wrath of the emperor quest

Yalahar Grim Reapers [150+] - Located beneath the Nightmares in Yalahar Cemetery quarter is the Grim Reapers. Bring fire bombs and walls to close off corridors and only kill 1 grim at a time. Use as much gear with death resistance as possible and always stay diagonal as their beams hit for A LOT. It's usually pure waste at this level unless you're very lucky on rares but you can get well over 1kk/h on 150% stamina when hunting correctly in here.

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Since I don't main a Paladin (181 atm) and I haven't played on him for 1-2 years the numbers on exp etc might be a bit off, please correct me if I'm way off.
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Sea Serpents are a nice spot for knights and paladins considering their weakness to physical damage. 150k exp/h is the baseline, you can go higher using spells and wasting a little, can't tell you how much higher because when I've hunted there I was saving money.

Gray Island hunting Hive monsters are also a good place, with 150k exp/h easily done and probably profit (Eepees and creature products).
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to achieve high xp / h gains you must use burst arrows combined with the best equipment available to give you protection against physics and preferably use the best bow available for lvl. I'm hardcore leveling my paladin and from level 80-100 I leveled krailos (nightmare scion + undead gladiators) was doing 950k / h; on lvl 100-120 i went to the edron vampire crypt doing 900k / h; on lvl 120-150 hero fortress in edron doing 1.3kk exp / h. Everything is very relative in the game depends on your equipment, money, skills, gameplay and availability of respaw. Of course, not always my best xp was that over the course of all the lvls, the ability to play in certain places increases as you get used to the place and learning the number of creatures per room I just just released my best performances and how far I managed to reach. Enjoy your best form and good game.