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Hey guys where should RP level at? I'm around 191 looking for few spots to hunt till 250?

I'm currently using thornspitter and spectral bolt. Money isnt an issue to hunt I would like to level fast asap.

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I'd say ravenous lava lurkers  in warzone if money is not a problem, using diamond arrows and avalanches, if not, then probably oramond west  with diamond arrows and thunderstorms, but hunting here is only worth it when there is a quara scouts invasion.

I don't think there is a spawn where you could PG using bolts rather than arrows

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You could find some spots where you are going to get decent experience while killing 1 by 1 (like grim reapers and ferumbras' ascendant entrance) but it is much faster if you go to respawns where you lure a few monsters and kill them using diamond arrows and avalanches.

In the case of the lava lurkers you just simply have enter the Gnome Deep Hub and go to the place where you do the task for warzone 4 (here is a link https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Gnome_Deep_Hub), here is really easy because they dont walk over parcels so you can create a half box of parcels (5 parcels against the wall) and all you have to do is keep going in and out of the parcels while you try to hit as much lurkers as you can when using diamond arrows and avalanches/exevo mas san, just dont try to tank them because they can hit hard.
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Okay thanks alot! I'll try that out, cos never use bow before always been on xbow
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it is a life changing step for paladins, just remember to imbue it with life & mana leech, and if you want to get more experience, also imbue it with critical