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I'm looking for some spots where I can solo exp on a druid level 250+. Experience is the priority but any profit will be greatly appreciated.

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XP+LOOT: Glooth Bandits in Oramond Glooth Bandit Glooth Brigand

XP: Oramond West DevourerBlood BeastRot ElementalGlooth Blob and sometimesQuara Constrictor ScoutQuara Pincher ScoutQuara Predator ScoutQuara Hydromancer Scout

XP+LOOT Banuta -2 or -4 Serpent SpawnHydraEternal GuardianMedusa

XP+LOOT: Lizards in Farmine Lizard High GuardLizard Dragon PriestLizard Legionnaire

XP: Minotaurs in Oramond Northern East Spawn

ExecowtionerGlooth Powered MinotaurMinotaur AmazonMinotaur HunterWorm PriestessMooh'Tah Warrior

I main a druid so I hope I helped.