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Hi Tibia players!

I would like to know the best place to solo hunting without using utamo for druid 380-400
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I'm not sure about this question. https://www.tibiaqa.com/21148/places-to-hunt-solo-with-elder-druid-level-350 here is very similar about 350+ level and the answer is exactly the same.
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I understand, but my post was the first. I made sure that nobody asked something similar.
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Post I linked is from Nov 13. Well, let's see what admin will say.
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You are right, I did not see well, It was edited recently, Thank you very much for your help!

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Falcons in Falcon Bastion - they are fairly slow so you should be able to kite them really easily at your level. 

Access is part of The Secret Library Quest, aka Oberon Access

Lost Souls in Netherworld Port Hope - they are fast, many and do hit hard, so I would start off with manashield there untill you're comfortable with the place, then try without it.

Access is part of The Feaster of Souls Quest.

Carnivors in Port Hope - They are relatively weak and the exp is not that good, but it is one of the best profit spawns for mages.

Access is part of The Dream Courts Quest.

Dreamelves in Court of Summer - Same as lost souls, they hit hard so I would suggest going with manashield there untill you get the hang of the spawn. Your damage as a druid there will be insane since they are 120,125 and 130% weak against Ice.

Access is part of The Dream Courts Quest and you must have done The Threatened Dreams Quest.

These are the places I hunt atm and I think they're pretty decent. I hope it helps ^^

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Cobra bastion is also good.
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With the new Utamo, Falcons and Lost Soul dont work right?
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If you are enough confident and low ping you can hunt here with no problems ofc you will no able to make big lured, but the new utamo you can swich it with the cancel utamo.
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Thank you very much, I will also consider it.