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Game world: Gladera (Old Magera)
Location: Venezuela, Carabobo, San Diego, La Esmeralda, Urb. Pozo Esmeralda.
About: I really love Trululu Gumdrops!.

Friends: Frau Krieger, Etienz, Luminis Et Anima, Flacas Son Mejores and Valkit.

Admin of First Island.
GOD BLESS our HIGH and lows TIMES.

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Nice!! Here where I live, they don't sell them. -snif snif-
8 hours ago by Oriibsz
Heya! Sorry if this will seem a bit weirdless to you XD! But ... I was always curious about your name, is it in honor of the gummies?
1 day ago by Oriibsz


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