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Today Cipsofr launch a new event to find some backpacks around Tibia.

"Attention Tibians,

the latest study results shook the Tibian intellectual scene. Over the years, interest in poetry, drama and non-fiction literature has dwindled among Tibians.

Library and bookshop keepers are now sounding the alarm and calling for counter-measures and sensitisation of the Tibian folks. Several sources confirmed that nowadays only tutorials for successful hunting and reprinted editions of the all-time bestseller The Book of PvP continue to enjoy great popularity while the general number of visitors and customers is declining. 

In an unprecedented campaign, the most influential members of the literary circle now want to bring Tibians literally back to the bookshelves.

With the help of the community managers, three backpacks were hidden in Tibia. One of them contains valuable treasures and a secret code.

The hiding places differ from game world to game world but finding those locations should not issue a real challenge for passionate book lovers and clever Tibians.  

Whoever finds such backpack first can keep it and enter the secret code in the April Fools' Backpack Hunt feedback form. It is up to the lucky finders if they share the secret code with others.

Keep in mind that every additional entry reduces your own chance of winning one of the five 250 non-transferable Tibia Coins that are raffled among all correct submissions on April 03.

You'd better be quick, undetected backpacks will be removed shortly after server save on April 02.

To the bookshelves!

Your Community Managers"

So the question is, where find those backpacks?

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I had to go to work so I could only check a single library... But I had no success....
man! I wish that I could have more time to join this treasure hunt (funny part is that I thought about waking up earlier this morning)
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So far I have checked, carlin, ab, thais,ph, hellgate, mintwallin, isle of kings (im 10k poorer now) and kazz... nothing for me :c
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Me too Beix XD I got 10 k poorer as well.  But I could see the "vestiges" of people on Isle of Kings, so I guess that someone got the good stuff there earlier. It was a hard time for most of Brazilians to catch up (5 a.m.), not to mention that most people work or study on a monday...

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I can confirm, the backpacks have been distributed.
And it's just like they said it on the post, it's hidden in the libraries across Tibia.

There are a total of 3 backpacks, 2 demons and 1 crown.
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3 types of bp? It have different loot in each bp or its all the same?
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Apparently, there is one bp with an ornamented tome and a lot of valuable stuff (the person mentioned that it was found on Isle of the Kings). Another bp (apparently a demon backpack) had chocolate items. People also mentioned a letter and a CM token.

I got all of these information from the official thread, but I don't know if other players are telling exactly what rewards we may have: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&threadid=4716939&pagenumber=1
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It's the same loot on both demon backpacks, and a more valuable loot on the crown backpack.
It's the same for all the servers.

And, again, I can confirm what I'm saying.
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Interesting. Thanks for informing us!