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Portuguese - English - Spanish - French

First played Tibia in early 2003 when I was 17.
Played frequenly up to 2010, from then on, played less often but Tibia has a spot in my heart. :)

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Thanks a lot for your elaborate feedback. I really do appreciate it.

Yes, answering own questions is currently allowed and encouraged on TibiaQA. The reason, as you mentioned, is to help build a knowledge base for Tibia. Over 80% of the traffic on TibiaQA is via search engines like Google. Well-formulated and answered questions help us get more traffic and interest in TibiaQA, even if it's mostly from unregistered users. This is also why we encourage posting and answering own questions. It may not be helpful at this specific point in time, however, it will still be useful for players searching for that question via Google or other search engines.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong in people building their reputation score by asking and answering their own questions. They will only gain a considerable amount of points if their content is upvoted (which means it was identified as useful for other players/users of this site). If the posted content is not useful/contains incorrect or invalid information, it will be downvoted and the user will lose points, rather than gain them.

Having an answer in the question should never hold anyone back from posting their answer, especially if they see the answer is in large part incorrect. If there's only a small part of the answer missing/wrong, we encourage commenting under the answer so that the author or other users can improve the answer. Same goes to questions. If the question seems unclear, could be better, we encourage commenting so that someone can improve it.

If you strongly feel, that users should not be allowed to answer their questions, I'd recommend starting a topic on where that can be discussed. If you have any other suggestions or pain points that you would like to share and discuss, you are welcome to post there as well.

Thank you once again for your feedback. I want to emphasize that it is very useful to hear what you are unhappy about on TibiaQA.
Nov 6 by Ellotris Guardian  
And I respect your stance and I can sense that you are being honest here. One thing that we could do here is to decrease the amount of points got from "Best Answer" that you can get from an question that the same person questioning answered. This would reduce the points that we get from that, making more valuable to actually look up for other different questions to answer, instead of answering only self made content.

Or we could allow a person to select best answer only after several hours or after the best answer getting like 5 points or something like that. This would certainly help.
Nov 6 by Fresh Prince  
on, a small thing that I missed when typing:

when I wrote:
"...a language or idiom could be shared when talking about..."

I meant:
"...a language or idiom status could be shared when talking about..."
Nov 6 by Fresh Prince  
I hid my comments on the thread as well. Again, sorry if they sounded angry or rude.
Nov 6 by Fresh Prince  
Ok, no problem so. Sorry if I sounded belligerent. It is all ok now.

I know that you particularly are not a fan of people answering themselves, but that's how the website is. Keep in mind that it is a somewhat new website, and having these questions properly answered make people come here. Hopefully in the future, more people will come here to join the community. Ellotris is trying bring people here with contests and competitions, which is a good thing. I'm trying to post some high quality content as well. I appreciate any feedback about the quality of the posts, by the way.

Additionally, when coming back to Tibia on the past months, I had already the opportunity to talk to some owners and administrators of two other big fansites of this game. On both of these webpages I could see that it is hard to bring up a more living community to fansite, and that many sites are struggling with this. I also mentioned on how poor and silent the community seems to be nowadays to one of these owners and he confirmed that it is hard to have a vivid forum, for example.

I had this concept of idiom from here:

I guess that on some cases, a language or idiom could be shared when talking about American English (what I use frequently) or British English. But I might be wrong since I am not really an expert on grammars and languages.
Nov 6 by Fresh Prince  



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