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We all know that it is recurrent on Tibia the utilization of separate single units from stacks being thrown around in order to hide/avoid people from opening containers or even with the objective of doing it right where their character currently stand, since it will prevent pushes from other players... But how do we do that in an efficient way, what are the controls recommended to have in order to launch countless amounts of single stackable stuff on a determined place?

I ask that since it can, sometimes, save you from death on PvP situations, and I see many players that really know how to do it in an incredible fast pace.

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Hello! The two metods I like to use in battles are

- Drag the worms pressing the shift button to the desired sqm (This will only take 1 worm)

- Full all the containers of my backpack until there is no space left, this will throw your mana flasks on your feet (This way is very fast to antipush yourself when your are under attack! Note: you wont be able to loot the bodies around you unless u make space)

Hope I helped!
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One trick I heard if is to fill a BP with potions completely full, so whenever you use one it will drop on the ground. Unsure if it still works, but if it does it's good to keep from being pushed.
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When in classic control:
No Button - Drag and Drop - Window pops up with slider to select amount to be dragged and dropped.
Shift held down - Drag and Drop - Only one unit is dragged and dropped.
Ctrl held down - Drag and Drop - The stack is dragged and dropped.