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There is a charm named gut that costs 800 charm points. It enables you to increase the creature products yield by 20% of the chosen monster. Being that expensive, which creature can be interesting to use this? And on what level range should I pick this? Which monster type are better suit for this charm? Should I save my charm points pick this one early on? The gutting increases all of the loot by 20% or only creature products are affected?

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Fixed a word. All these answers are now invalid, as the gut charm has changed. Should the question be removed and re asked?
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nope, I will let this question opened and wait for new updated answers.
People can also hide old answers and add new ones if they want.

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With the great Summer Update in 2020 this charm effect was changed from 10% to 20% and the cost was decreased from 2000 to 800 points.1

When activating this Charm, it gives us a better chances (20%) of looting Creature Products.  Now, as few other people mention already- we should target creatures which are dropping products for imbuements (which are always creature products). For Example;

Grimeleech-  for Grimleech wings

Amazons or Valkyries for Protective Charms

Gloom Wolf for Gloom Fur

Braindeath for Piece of dead Brain

Rest- Refer to the following question from TibiaQa - Which valuable creature products imbuements present huntable creature2

Also it is worth to check items on the marker for Quests like: Demonic Essence,  Ape Fur, Bonelord Eye, Holy Orchid, or even Lizard Scale.

Let's not forget about Bewitched Event- Please check this question Where are the best places to farm all items for bewitched  3

There are also other creatures which you can use this charm on and which will drop valuable creature product. Kindly see below list of items which are highly priced and can be sold to Yasir (order from highest down) and which monsters drops them:

- Sea Horse Figurine Sold to Yasir for 42,000 GP - Dropped by Burning Gladiator and Priestess of Wild Sun 4

- Spirit Container Bought by Yasir and Fiona for 40,000 GP or more (quest item check market)- Dropped by Souleater 5

- Flask of Warrior's Sweat- Bought by Yasir and Fiona for 10,000 GP or more(guest items check market)- Dropped by Undead Gladiator 6

- Broken Key Ring - Bought By Yasir, Partos and Tothdral for 8,000 GP- Dropped by Acolyte of the Cult, Adept of the Cult, Enlightened of the Cult + additional products for Imbuements - Rope Belt & Cultish Robe 7

- Magic Sulphur - Bought by Yasir and Fiona for 8,000 GP - Dropped by Askar Prince, Askar Demon, Askar Lord, Cliff Strider and Brimstone Bug / Additional product for 1,000 GP - Demonic Finger- Askar Prince 8

- Cursed Bone- Bought by Yasir for 6,000 GP- Dropped by Flimsy Lost Soul 9

- Dracoyle Statue- Bought by Yasir for 5,000  Gp or more -check market  (Decoration and achievement Item) - Dropped by Hellspawn add. Creature product- Hellspawn tail for imbue 10

Single Human Eye -  Bought by Yasir for 1,000 GP - dropped by Putrid Mummy + add. Creature product-  Little bowl of Myrrh for Imbue 11

 Creatures from Soul War and Library are not added due to fact that they are too challenging and other charms should be used. 

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asked Jun 27, 2021 by (4,210 points) How does the "gut" charm works in team hunts?
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The monster that you'll benefit the most is very dependant on your server items price.
I personally would go for Kongras/Sibangs or Medusas/Serpent Spawns.
There's no such thing as best level range to pick it, it is though a very transversal Charm and, imho, not useful.
No, you certainly should not, 2k points is quite a lot for the added benefit.
Only creature products of the selected creature is affected.
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In my small opinion the cost is to high to get a true value (10%) is nothing and the end is better use the point in another's offensive charms. But if you have it (Gut) the idea is using it on creatures who have a utility creature product has Rope Belts (Imbuements) or in a criature with creature product with high price like Vexclaw.
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It depends on your level , for example if you are "high level" you can go Feru seals and choose vexclaw for vexclaw talons to get more profit , but in my opinion this charm is not very useful since you can only use it for 1 monster and that is so limited.