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There is a charm by the end of the charms' list that costs 2000 charm points. It enables you to increase the creature products yield by 10% of the chosen monster. Being that expensive, which creature can be interesting to use this? And on what level range should I pick this? Which monster type are better suit for this charm? Should I save ny charm points pick this one early on? The gutting increases all of the loot by 10% or only creature products are affected?

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In my small opinion the cost is to high to get a true value (10%) is nothing and the end is better use the point in another's offensive charms. But if you have it (Gut) the idea is using it on creatures who have a utility creature product has Rope Belts (Imbuements) or in a criature with creature product with high price like Vexclaw.
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The monster that you'll benefit the most is very dependant on your server items price.
I personally would go for Kongras/Sibangs or Medusas/Serpent Spawns.
There's no such thing as best level range to pick it, it is though a very transversal Charm and, imho, not useful.
No, you certainly should not, 2k points is quite a lot for the added benefit.
Only creature products of the selected creature is affected.
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It depends on your level , for example if you are "high level" you can go Feru seals and choose vexclaw for vexclaw talons to get more profit , but in my opinion this charm is not very useful since you can only use it for 1 monster and that is so limited.
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