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Does it work exactly like loot prey 1 and you have to be the person who deals the most damage on the creature selected or it will be activated if I just hit the monster?

1. https://www.tibiaqa.com/24961/how-does-the-loot-prey-work-in-team-hunts?show=24961#q24961

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It all depends a lot , I personally think gut is good in respawns like asuras for a lvl 800 + in mirror or a lvl 500+ in asura palace since not required charms because the character broke de respawn easily , maybe low blow + gut could improve the profit but need be tested.
Im pretty sure that, like using preys, you have to be the one dealing the most damage to the creature to make it take effect. Anyways, i don't recommend buying this charm, unless its one of your lasts, theres better charm runes that are more useful :)

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I am sorry, but "I am pretty sure" is not an answer... either you test it and you know, or you simply do not.
Also, first part- I did not asked at which spawns it would be good.
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If you are going to be rude avoid asking questions then, people here answer to help, i got info from friends but your way of answering is rude. Have a good day.
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Which part of my comment was rude? Have I made any insult towards you?- No, I did not.  Don't you think you are taking it too personal now? I am requesting for the informative answer- that is what I ask and that is what is required on this website. You just did confirm that you heard it from somewhere- never test it, noticed or experienced yourself. This website vision and direction is into "facts" not "speculations" and to help others with already checked/confirmed answer. Please read: https://www.tibiaqa.com/answering-how-to-answer .  
I would also recommend you to take a criticism of others into account  and use it to improve your posts instead of getting  upset.
Have a lovely daY
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As Skerio replied with regards to Wealth Duplex, it also confirms that GUT charm might be activated only if you are the Highest damage dealer.


In a party, does the player with the wealth duplex buff need to be the highest damage dealer on a monster in order for the bonus loot to take effect?

To my knowledge, yes, as the potion behaves just like other additional loot mechanics (e.g. loot prey).

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39215597#post39215597