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This is how I've set up my charms atm and I think it should be optimal, but I'm not entirely sure.

I've taken a lot of factors into account when setting this up, such as weaknesses, distribution of monsters, hitpoints etc.

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  1. Curse is best with crypt warden since it's 35% vs 15% on sphinx, 6,75% of crypt warden hp which is 560,25 damage on crypt, while 5,75% is only 534.75 on feral sphinx.
  2. Now, Enflame does 30% less damage on ogre rowdy and since it has low hp Low Blow or Wound could suit it better.
  3. Parry is meh and i dont think works with summon so i find it bad for ogre sage, i could be wrong but if im not, Enflame suits better on him.
  4. Since manticore has average hp and pretty decent damage parry/wounds suits better him than freeze is a waste of a charm on it even with 20% ice, feral sphinx receives better damage from it (402 vs 563)

All that said i find should end like this:

-Sphinx -- Poison.
-Crypt Warden -- Curse.
-Manticore -- Parry
-Adult Goanna -- Zap
-Feral Sphinx -- Freeze
-Ogre Rowdy -- Low Blow
-Ogre Sage -- Enflame
-Ogre Ruffian -- Divine Wrath
-Young Goanna -- Wound


Young Goanna -- Enflame
Ogre Sage -- Low Blow
Ogre Rowdy -- Parry
Manticore -- Wound

Since i found no proofs about the summon damage being reflected to the main source (summoner) and there's not specific info about the damage of both ogres, the best idea is using Parry on ogre rowdy and taking the most out of Wound charm in manticore, but is uncertain how useful will be Parry in that case, while we can know with certainty how useful will be Parry in manticore and Low Blow/Enflame on ogres, so is basically up to what suits you better in that specific case.

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It's Lamassu. Not Crypt Warden.
Lamassu is 130% weak to death, not 135% like Crypt Warden.
Sphinx is 120% weak to death, which might be more relevant since there's  larger quantity of Sphinx than Lamassu.
Have you taken that into consideration?
Sphinx and Feral Sphinx are also not the same creature. There's a lot more Feral Sphinxes than both Sphinx and Lamassu combined.
Feral Sphinx is also tankier, even though they have a lower weakness to death at 115%.

True about that the Ogre Rowdy is strong against fire, while Ogre Ruffian is not. I accidentally mixed them up and will switch Divine Wrath and Enflame between them.
Why would Low Blow be worth on Ogre Rowdy though? There's a lot more young goannas than Ogre Rowdy.
Young Goanna is tankier than Ogre Rowdy, but still squishy compared to the rest of the creatures, which would make it optimal.

Why would parry be better on Manticore than Ogre Sage?
There's a lot more Manticores than Ogre Sages.
Manticores are 120% weak to ice and have more HP than Ogre Sage, while Ogre Sage is neutral to ice damage.
Since Ogre Sage is ranged and squishy, parry should be optimal.

I have to ask if you've actually ever really hunted Issavi/Goannas?
Since it clearly seems like you lack a lot of components to take into consideration.
No offence, but your calculation really doesn't seem optimal or very thought through at all.
What do you think?
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1- u should check my charms before talking:

i gave freeze to feral due i know is tankier, i didn't gave curse to sphinx cuz i thought it was crypt warden, and that 15% is way more notorious.

2- low blow vs % charm, here the only thing is that young goanna have considerably more hp, and low blow only affects the selected mobs, so is a 8% to do 50% more damage  vs a constant 10% of 310 damage in all them, in ogre rowdy a % hp damage is simply bad for a damage charm, so eitherway any charm is meh for them, both due population and due low hp, im unsure of the "new" mechanism of low blow tho so maybe here i was wrong.

3- i said that parry is worth on manticores EXACTLY due there's a lot of them and u CANT use freeze on them due u must use freeze on feral sphinx otherwise u will be using death charm and neutral charm in the other 2 which isn't optimal since u will be missing a lot of damage, specially because the low hp of manticores, manticore spam A LOT of powerful damage which u can return, all the rest of mobs do not or have way more hp which help setting better charm for them.

4- i said that not parry on ogre sage because parry is a charm that is based on their own damage, nothing else, if ogre sage doesn't do enough damage (specially due idk if summons reflect damage) then it would be turning into a useless charm, an offensive charm have a constant (low) damage that we can quanitfy, so is "safer" to say that it would be worth on them

i think that you should take more stuff into consideration than just the charms that you are using, if you already thought that your charms are the most optimal why then u come here asking on first instance?