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Hello, I just got back to playing Tibia and enjoy the Tibiadrome. I would like to know how to advance in the Tibiadrome as a solo mage (in general for all levels) I know the waves are endless, but I sure do enjoy this feature and want to get better at it. So far I got to wave 64...

  1. What should I bring in my backpack or use as spells/runes/consumables?
  2. What should I attack first?
  3. What equipment/imbuements should I wear?
  4. Where should I stand or run?
  5. Any tips on modifiers or anything else to help me win?

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What I do 520MS here

Use fire bombs and kite the mobs

On higher waves use familiar

On waves 70+ stay away from ranged monster (preferable off screen as they can easily one shot you)


EQ wise its rly hard to take best set, i mostly use fire and death imbues.
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Do you recommend any other consumables (like cupcake) or you think it's a bad idea to waste unless you can afford since it's so easy to die?