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Seacrest Serpent At Seacrest Grounds there's Seacrest Serpents, and ultimately I'm struggling with finding the right way to kill them fast and safely. I'd like to know a couple of things as far as what would help make me kill them more efficiently:

  1. What spells/runes do you recommend?
  2. What is the minimum level you recommend to hunt here safely?
  3. What equipment do you recommend (If you could give examples, that would be lovely)?
  4. Any bonus tips?

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1. Sd's sucks also killin 1 vs 1 sucks more so thunderstorms or stoneshower runes. Spells = Vis waves and vis Ue or Terra waves and terra ue.

2. Around 250-300 lvl but all depends on your skill in hands and if u want kill them 1 vs 1 or by runes and spells. :p

3. Eq with death protection, depth galea all the time cuz no dmg from drowing from Sea Crests also it would be good if u gonna use meal for faster walking under water one costs on Antica around 30k and its 30k/24h.

Spellbook depends might be shield with death protection or just Spellbook of ancient Arcana. Dunno ur vocation as ms only diffrence between druid is Toga mortis, as more cheap I would choose Frostmind Raiment, Gill/soulful legs, koshei amulet or theurgy amulet, butterfly ring, boots with m lvl, moon mirror.

Tips? One of tip is this meal Coconut Shrimp Bake, another dont let them reach u cuz they hit so hard by melee. :D
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hey, thank you for this. i will take everything into consideration <3 yea i knew sds was definitely not the way to go. XDD