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I know the waves are endless, but I sure do enjoy this feature and want to get better at it. I want to try it on my Paladin solo but not sure where to even begin. I know the cooldown is 60 minutes so when I'm waiting for my other characters' cooldown I want to try it on my Paladin.

  1. What should I bring in my backpack or use as spells/runes/consumables?
  2. What should I attack first?
  3. What equipment/imbuements should I wear?
  4. Where should I stand or run?
  5. Any tips on modifiers or anything else to help me win?
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There is no "win" or "lose" in Tibiadrome. Players are meant to advance through an unlimited amount of wave levels till they cannot handle them anymore. Consider changing the question (this and the similar ones you created today).
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I know it's unlimited but I'm sure there are tips to help you win waves is what I mean

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