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Hello guys.

I'm wondering how to hunt solo on RP grims on drefia as a higher lvl? I cannot find a good path to hunt this respawn properly. I feel like there is always a low amount of Grims as I kill them too fast. Can any1 help me with a map or a video with a map of how to hunt these Grims on a higher level than 400?
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Hello, are you level 400? or what's your level?

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Check this video Youtube

But your ''problem'' is your level, on that level this respawn is not big enough and you make too much damage so probably you will kill faster than new Grims respawn.

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Maybe posting images from the YouTube video or making your own map
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Hello, its hard to find a good lap in this respawn because u will not have enought mobs.

I mean, ur lvl 400 and this respawn is for lvl 100 aprox, if u hunt there properly u will get out of the respawn super fast.

I will recomend u farm in Asuras.

Asura palace for start if u dont feel confortalbe and Asura mirror when u feel that u can.

For sure best respawn at your lvl, remember wear some energy Damage and fire/death protection!

I hope i helped u, but its hard to find a good lap in a place what cant support your power!

Gretings Gleemody

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No. You didnt gelp me because Your answer feels like thrash just to earn some points.
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Oh sure milka, if u want this lap for grim reapers, go 1by 1 doing a circle.  Do u know how to do a circle?

its the best way for hunt grim reapers in drefia

Good luck