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What is it?
We are thinking about introducing a system which allows you to choose hunting tasks and be rewarded for your effort.

How does it work?
There are up to three task slots available to the player, analogue to the prey slots. Like in the prey system the player can choose one from nine assorted, randomly rolled creatures to make it their task. The same rules apply as when choosing prey monsters, including spending gold and prey wildcards. The same prey wildcards which are currently used for the prey system will be used for the prey hunting tasks as well.

Any monster which is available in the prey system is also available for the prey hunting tasks, if the player has completed the respective bestiary entry. It is also possible to synchronize the monster with a prey slot for a certain amount of prey wildcards. This means that your chosen task monster is the same as your prey.

After picking a monster, the player then chooses the extent of the task. There are three types, requiring the player to kill e.g. either 300, 800 or 1500 creatures of the chosen kind.

Afterwards, the reward for completing the task is set automatically. There are three tiers of rewards, with some element of chance involved, creating a range of potential rewards in each tier. The player can increase the tier with the use of prey wildcards, similar to the prey system. Rewards for uncommon monsters are better than rewards for common monsters. These rewards may include e.g. Prey Hunting Task Tokens (see below) and Prey Wildcards.

After the task has been set, the task has no time limit. When the player has killed e.g. 800 monsters, they receive their reward. It is also possible to cancel the task, after which the player has to wait 20 hours before they can do a reroll.

The player can track their progress via a sidebar widget.


Prey Hunting Tasks Mockup

Read all the information HERE.

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I think it is a good idea to make grinding more bearable, but it all depends on the reward. A reward that is too good will make doing it necessary and 'encourage' grinding, which is what I think will happen, as there will certainly be 'shortcuts' available using Tibia Coins (like a prey hunting task card to improve reward for 50 TCs), and they will want it to generate revenue. On the other hand, if the reward is not good enough, it will be just some dead feature in the client.

Also I think that it should not be added as another option in the client, but maybe as an ingame quest or something. I think there are already enough options in the client like charms/preys/rewards/tournament and the client is getting crowded with stuff.
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Honestly it is not a bad idea, but neither is it the best ...

Big changes are always accompanied by a strong shake. It is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a new one. 'Mahatma Gandhi smiley

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I think is a very good idea , this will make the charms more fun to make and more profitable. Is something like Killing in the name of quest but on demmand where you can choose what monster do and the amount.
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I like this idea :) especially for prizes! although it would be nice to improve Grizzly Adam's tasks.
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I like it, it's a way to give one more reason to play, just think that the prizes could be a little cheaper because I will take some years to get it jaja
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What I think about Hunting tasks is that they can be very challenging. I've been doing them every day since they came out now and I'm currently at 9,200+/- hunting points. I also purchased they extra hunting slot the day it came out as well to get the most out of the points.

The points are quite high I think to improve they can lower the points needed or add more rewards that are less point just something to fill in the gaps. It takes so much of my time I now barely use my prey tasks...But I do got to admit it gives me something to do and also makes me want to complete bestiary.  Also, I've noticed I get repeat tasks more than I'd like and the list can be very annoying when you have to do 400 or 800 of something that's like a 2 day ordeal at times.

This is currently my obsession though I'd prefer to do hunting tasks than hunt on double XP (which is this week) lol