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Character name: Krisph
Game world: Gladera
Location: Sweden
About: Tibia player on and off since 2007, played across different pvp & non pvp servers but now im stuck on Gladera.

I focus most of my time in Tibia with my guild, we have different types of guild events every month & we're doing quest services (PoI, Inq, Wote, Yala) free of charge for everyone on the server, this is but a kind gesture and our way of continuing to make our world into a better place for everyone.

I enjoy the small things I can do for other players, which is why my house in Thais 'Harbour Place 1 Shop' is open for everyone on the server. In my house you can find an NPC, imbuement shrine & two training dummies!

Take care & Enjoy the game!

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