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Hello mates! Years ago I remember that using soft boots were so usefull but now in lvls 400+ Im not using it anymore so Im asking, if its still worth it to use?

I meaning it on team hunts where there is a lot of monsters where you are continuosly doing spells and healing yourself like prison , catacombs , feru seals .. etc 

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Depends on some fact:

- What other boots you gonna use, depending on the area/mobs.
- You gonna use "Mana Leech" or not. If not, use Soft Boots.
- The mob you gonna kill have strong "Mana Leech Attack" or not. If yes have attack, use Soft Boots.
- If you gonna kill mobs to bestiary and nothing hard, can use Soft Boots because you save money.

Then everything depends on this:

- You gonna use "Mana Leech" or not. If not, use Soft Boots. If you use Mana Leech is better to equip
another boots to protect you.

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I edited my question to be more specific
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