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What do you think are good tip/strategy's/recommend to be a good Sio?

Example: Don't spam the sio, learn the CD.

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Always get good position on the pulls , throw fast wildgrowth or bombs if you need and use sio depending on the needed of the place.
For example on skeleton elite warrior you will have to spam sios and tera hurs , in another places you can got help from EK as magic walls to avoid monsters hitting you high amounts of damage so you can sio and attack easily.
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You should be aware of your current min/avarage/max sio and use it as advantage while healing your blocker, less you spam your sio better it will go. Always pay attention to area you are at, if there is good hole to wildgrowth yourself in to or ebomb next to wall.

Good druid also keeps track of paladins and why not sorcerers health too and if they are strugling you safe their life with gran mas res or sio.

Be aware how much damage you can also take before you need to switch energy ring/use mas res to heal yourself and blocker because dead druid is not good druid.
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