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So this happened to us today, a guild member found a dire penguin and alerted me first hand about it, I went there and attacked it with a really weak rod, after we both attacked it the guildmember made the announcement you can se below to help out other guildies and other players to get a shot at the dire penguin (because we already hurt it we thought there was no harm in calling other players to help them as well)

However after the dire penguin was killed we noticed that neither of us got the kill towards the bestiary, we both had one kill (from a previous dire penguin), this one should have been the second one, but for some reason it just did not count towards it.
We both attacked it 100%, neither of us logged out and we both stood there waiting for other players to show up to also hit it and eventually kill it.

So the question is, is there a timer to gain the besitary entry? If you wait too long does it not count? And if so, how long is the timer and how do you make sure that you gain the bestiary entry!

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So the question is, is there a timer to gain the besitary entry? - Yes. I'm not sure what the time is, which is why I'm not posting as an answer, but it's not much. I think it's about 5 minutes or less.
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Had similar situation with Undead Cavebear...
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small thought: isn't smart in this case to use poison arrow/soul fire in order to get extra time? I still wanna see what would be the timer!

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TibiaWiki's and TibiaMaps' admin Mathias Bynens did this test for us today and he confirmed that the timer is exactly 5 minutes. In his words:

First test: I hit, and 4 min 50 s later he kills the monster == I get the bestiary kill. Next we tried 5 min 10 s, and i didn't get the kill in that case. Then we tried 4 min 59 seconds, and it  still counted. So I really think it's 5 minutes.