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Instead of leveling up I like to take advantage of this event by killing monsters for the bestiary that I never hunt, to do it fast. So far these are the ones that I think that I would never be able to do without rapid respawn

*Nomad (Blue)

*Bog Frog



*Isle of evil creatures

*White shade


Any suggestions?

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I have already 5 Charms done , the biggest tip I can give to you is to kill everything , I mean when you are not hunting or doing anything just go to a random spawn and kill some monsters , if you do that every day you will get charms points easy.

There is also some tricks like this on 10x respwn haha

Wasp bestiary done in 8 min with firebombs haha.

I found a spreadsheet of some charms which I think it will be very helpful for you , check it :)


Also there is a video that is so nice about how to bestiary on rapid respwn:


Hope it helps! regards

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Brain deaths are a good one. along with stuff like honor guards that don't have actual spawns.  And a good thing to do is throw down firebombs on a spawn then go do something else for 10 min.
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I guess that Rats, Amazons, Swamp Trolls, Frost Trolls, and Valkyries can be a good choice, along with severe other locations of different creatures that are concentrate on a place, specially on the Free Mainland Area, with small area respawns. Hellgate spawns can be worth it as well. Try to do what @Bust the Werriors said above, and throw fire bombs on many holes with these mentioned creatures. It will certainly help you out

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Black Sheep - Liberty Bay

Pigs-Sheeps - Thais

Butterflys - Porthope

Rats/Cave Rats - Thais

Bear/Wolves - Thais/Kazz

Merklin - Banuta
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You can try to spawn Crustacea Gigantica in Oramond killing Abyssal Calamary until you get 5 kills of crustaceas, depend on luck you have to wait 5h+ but are 50 charms "easy"