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According with the news, Between the server saves of December 04 and December 07 gonna be a Rapid Respawn. Last Rapid me and my friends finish together a couple creatures: Terrorsleep, Feversleep, Cursed Book and Ink Blob. I wanna know what others creatures are able to finish during rapid respawn that are better to finish in groups?, I means, that kind of creatures that got enough HP to everybody attack and mostly are bored or hard to kill alone.

Thanks in advance.

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In my opinion, and the way I do my bestiaries, I prefer to do alone creatures that I kill in a few hits. So all other ones I prefer to do with a friend or team, but it's just because of fun. Of course you can make these bestiaries alone.

So, to do a bestiary exclusive in team hunts I would choose creatures that your waste on supplies is high (of course "high" is relative, so you should think what you consider high).

You also can choose creatures that you need 1000 or 2500 kills to unlock, once that with a team you kill faster and you don't want to waste much time in one bestiariy during rapid respawn, All cases, you can check what creatures you have more kills and start for them, it will be faster than starting a bestiary from zero.

Anyway I can say some creatures for you (in my opinion):

Grim Reapers
Wyrms and Elder Wyrms
Frost Dragons
Serpent Spawns
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Hey Candangoek! Feels free to add the most creatures you want to add, it will helps but I means that kind of creatures that are not an option on normal respawns as the examples I did! Thanks in advance.
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With 'normal respawn' I means those that are bad respawns for daily hunts!
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Oh I understand better now! If you want to I can change my answer to something near what you're looking for. I said these creatures because it's something I thought from my own experience. I can research for more creatures if you want to
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My guild joined 20 people to make the bestiarys of 100 points, the only requirement to enter this location is the Feaster of Souls Quest, Recommended at level 350+, the monsters will attack you with the Energy and Holy elements, and will have "weakness" the Earth and Death elements.

In this place it is possible to make 300 points.

Cloak Of Terror: 100 points Charms 

Courage Leech: 100 points Charms 

Vibrant Phantom: 100 points Charms 

In Rotten Wasteland it is also possible to perform:

Branchy Crawler: 100 points

Mould Phantom: 100 points

Rotten Golem: 100 points

adding more than 300 points in that same place there are several creatures, these were what they accomplished, it depends on the access if everyone has it is easier to accomplish.

During Summer Update 2020(Updates/12.40 | TibiaWiki | Fandom), creatures were added to the bestiary that reward 100 charm points! source- Fonte: www.tibiaqa.com  I believe that with a good team I will be able to accomplish its task.

Respondeu: Quais criaturas do Bestiário dão 100 pontos de charme? · Tibia Down

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For teamhunt bestiary on rapid respawns event i'd say is the best to do:

  • Son of Verminor/Defiler - Inquisition The Vats
  • Son of Verminor/Juggernaut/Hellhound - Inquisition The Hive
  • Shock Head/Sight of Surrender - eastern part of Roshamuul (near luring silence place)
  • Ghastly Dragon - 10 tome palace.
  • Hand of Cursed Fate - Inquisition The Blood Halls.
  • Hive Overseer - underground.
  • Undead Dragon - Ferumbras Ascension - Undead Seal.
  • If your world doesn't have public warzones, you can do wz 2 and wz 3 to get Cliff Striders and Infected Weepers that are hard to finish.