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Hello, as we just started rapid respawn weekend I just wondered what are quick charms for 25 points (1000 monsters to kill) to do for a team? I mean everyone can shoot 1 ava and it dies - previously we've done water elementals like that and it was pretty smooth. Do you know any more of those?

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pretty much depend on lvl, but most of cults of tibia bestiarys are fast with 4x , also heroes and vicious squires are pretty fast, quaras in inquisition , west oramond raid with quara scouts, if you specify party lvl i can help more in coments
Level 500+ all party members
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on resp for cristal wolf... on fire u can find some elf.. over~ is like 5 and get 50 points... look for it i'm not soo sure the name but a friend send me there after the lightbearer event ( sorry for m y bad english)