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There are many places in Tibia where you can gather your comrades and partners in crime. From robust castles to beautiful palaces, from underground caverns to luxurious manors and ancient pyramids. As we get to unveil and explore new places in our favourite mmorpg, the list of available guildhalls increases. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some are better positioned or have a unique tileset. Perhaps it is the number of beds? the secret exit? the strategic location?

What is, based on your subjective criteria, the best guildhall in Tibia?
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My favourite guildhall is definitely Castle of the White Dragon.

I love the distribution of the different rooms (except the basement, but that's ok, because at least the majority of the beds are cluttered in one place).

We own this GH in Harmonia, and we had a great time decorating it. I will leave some screenshots of our Castle.

  • We have a mass bedroom and a Prision on the basement
  • We have a Reception, a Treasure room, an Office, and a Library on the ground floor:
  • On the first floor, we have an Alchemy Room, a Ceremonial Hall, a Bathroom...
  • ...and a Kitchen!
It's nice how you can see the reception from above.
I could make more screenshots, but I prefer if you people visit Cormaya and see it for yourself. smiley But who knows, maybe I upload more screenshots later.
My favourite part of the GH is the upper part of the Castle: beautiful corridors connecting four towers, each tower having only one bed and only on the third floor.
Fantastic guildhall!
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Wow, that looks amazing! Good job! *high five*
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Awww thank you! I appreciate that, we put a lot of effort into it! :)
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OMGGG <3 Decoration looks so gorgeous!! I Waiting for more screens !!!
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Bronze Brothers Bastion

Size749 sqm
Rent5,000,000 gp per month
(6,676 gp per sqm)
StreetCistern Avenue
July 7, 2014

Bronze Brothers Bastion (0)


Bronze Brothers Bastion (+1)

Main floor, entrance

Bronze Brothers Bastion (+2)

First floor

Bronze Brothers Bastion (+3)

Second floor

Bronze Brothers Bastion (+4)


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I don't like Oramond, but this Guild House are lovely.
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Where can I get this kind of image Zupa?
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You can usually get these sort of screenshots for any guildhouse in Tibia.fandom.com. Example, Snake Tower guildhall in Thais: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Snake_Tower
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My favorite guildhall is Guildhall of the Red Rose located on Fibula. I love it because this was one of the first guildhalls made in Tibia. It was built for the second Tibian guild, Red Rose on the Antica server, which has owned it ever since. 

Guildhall of the Red Rose (ground) Guildhall of the Red Rose (first) Guildhall of the Red Rose (basement)

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Yeah, Red Rose :3 i love everything about this guild... shield, guild name, guild house... <3
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Warriors Guildhall on Thais (In front of Depot).


Main Floor


I love Thais and this have best location.

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On Antica this guildhouse is very friendly and a frequent meeting place :) love them too
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Shape, best for decoration:

MY FAV IS Western Guildhouse Darashia. This garden with fountain inside is really cool.

* Bronze Brothers Bastion, Rathleton. This swimming pool on the roof <3

* Carlin Clanhall i love this garden, shape, floor...

* Halls of Serenity, Yalahar. Not much like "shape" this guildhouse, but this swimming pool is beautiful <3

* Magic Academy and Ivy Cottage is perfect for deco too.

The most sentimental guildhouses for me:

* Suntower Carlin, guildhouse my family on Antica <3

* Steel Home in Venore. I love this Schadenfreuder guildhouse on Antica. Nice place with nice owner, I have many memmories with this place :)

* Warrior's Guildhall most desirable guildhouse ever. Very nice place to talk, teeming with life on Antica.

* Outlaw Castle - the ugliest guildhouse ever, but I made first Christmas in Tibia on this guildhouse. [Greetings Proland]


The most impressive in terms of decoration on Antica is Swamp Watch, Venore by my friend :3

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Love the last screenshot!
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Yeah, this guildhouse is beautifull :) Norelli have insta @norellcia when you check her works.
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Obviusly, the mighty

Guildhall of the Red Rose--

Arquivo:Guildhall of the Red Rose sub.png

Arquivo:Guildhall of the Red Rose ter.png

Arquivo:Guildhall of the Red Rose prim.png

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Warrior's Guildhall (THAIS)

Not that I think this has the best layout or anything but it has the one of the best location (in my opinion atleast)

We live in a Tibia age now where players don't really care as much to visit guildhalls, especially if they are far away from cities. This is kind of dissapointing when you look back many many years ago when players would go and hang out in guildhalls even if they were in the outskirts of cities.

This guildhall has however always been one of my favourites, i've always wanted it and our guild was lucky enough to buy it after my server merged. This is also where we usually host our monthly guild events, curious? Check out this link

For a better view of the GIF above, please click HERE

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There are tons of great guildhalls, it's hard to choose just a few.

My absolute favourite GH has to be the Castle of the White Dragon on Cormaya. Who doesn't want to have his/her own castle?! It just feels so alive and full of memories, like a real castle. Nicely located, lots of big spaces for guild meetings and a basement with lots of beds and a small bdsm room. Jackpot!

Another favourite is the Warriors Guildhall in Thais. As someone who hangs in Thais a lot, this GH is great. The accessibility is amazing and if your guild owns this one, it's certain to be a meeting spot for many members. It also brings back many old memories of top guilds showing off in front of it or showing off their items inside. I recommend checking out this GH on Antica just to see what an amazing job Green Dragon has done decorating it.

I also want to give an honorable mention to a very underrated GH but one that I really like. The Iron Guildhall in Kazordoon. So why is this GH so underrated? Well, for starters, even if it's in Kaz it has easy access to pretty much anywhere with the ore wagon system right next to it. Steamship, magic carpet, warzone area. It's a very cozy GH with lots of rooms and a big basement with lots of beds, and a GH that is usually empty on most worlds - which also makes the price very low compared to the other GHs on this list.

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Halls of Serenity (Yalahar)

This guildhall has thirty-three beds.

The house has a size of 504 square meters
Ground floor:                                       

Basement :

First Floor:

Second Floor:

Third Floor :

I very liked the swimming pool.

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We all know what this looks like but we're all gonna pretend we don't know, also i've had this guildhall once, we even had a little waterball battle in the pool :D