What questions should be avoided?

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Most importantly, any questions that severely break our Code of Conduct won't be tolerated. Offensive, insulting, sexually-related and all other personal attacks will be removed immediately and the user accounts will either be blocked or a penalty of reduced points will be applied

In addition, please avoid asking questions that are:

Off-topic - Not related to Tibia

The topic of this fansite is Tibia and therefore only Tibia related questions are accepted. Questions that appear to be off-topic can be closed and will usually be deleted without further notice.
    What are the best MMORPGs right now?
    Which gaming mouse is the best?
Even though questions about other Tibia fansites aren't strictly about the game itself, they are allowed.
    Does any Tibia fansite allow creating raffles/lotteries?
    Which Tibia fansite shows loot statistics of bosses?
Similar, questions about the official Tibia website features are allowed.
    Is it allowed to discuss real-life matters on the guild board?
    How often are the highscores updated?

Completely opinion-based

Many questions generate answers that contain some degree of an opinion. However, there are questions where you can compare answers based on measurable factors, such as experience per hour or profit per hour - such questions are allowed.
    Where to hunt as a level 200 Elite Knight?
    How to make profit as a low-level Elder Druid?
There are certain types of questions though that can only generate opinions and dicussions instead of answers, such as questions about aesthetics or players' personal taste.
    What do you think about this house deco?
    What is your favorite achievement?
    How did you spend the rapid respawn weekend?
Similarly, questions about player stories would fall under the same rule.
    What level were you when you killed your first dragon?
    How many wars were you involved in?
Questions about features that haven't been implemented or speculations about upcoming changes are not allowed for the same reason.
    Would you like to see a second promotion introduced in Tibia?
    How can CipSoft make fist fighting useful?
    Do you think a fifth vocation will be implemented?
On the other hand, we allow questions about features that don't exist yet but have been officially announced and confirmed by CipSoft. Sometimes answering these questions will only be possible after the feature is implemented, but some of them may also be answerable thanks to statements in the Auditorium on the official forums.
    What are all the rewards you can get at the 25th Tibia Anniversary? (Only after the 25th Tibia anniversary was officially announced)

Too broad

Questions should be about a specific problem and contain enough details to answer it.
    How to play this game?
    How to hunt at PoI?

Multiple distinct questions in a single post should be avoided as well.
    How to complete the Pits of Inferno quest, what is the required level and what are the prizes?

Sometimes questions will contain the "and" conjunction, however they will still focus on a single problem or issue. Such questions are acceptable.
    What is this room and how to enter it in Tarpit Tomb?

Valid short term only

The goal of this site is to build a knowledge base, that can be viewed and used by other players at any point in the future. Questions that easily become outdated do not bring long-term value and are difficult to keep track of - are the answers still valid or not? Due to this fact, such questions are to be avoided.
    Which worlds have an ongoing war currently?
    Are there any fun events going on at your world?
Answers to certain questions have the potential to become outdated due to the game's evolution and updates. Such questions are allowed, as any aspect of the game may change with an update.
    What is the best available equipment for a Royal Paladin?
    What is the best hunting spot for a level 200 MS?
Questions about prices of very rare items are allowed as they do not usually change rapidly. They must use the tag "price", however, so that it's easier to revisit those questions in bulk. Questions about prices of items generally available and obtainable for everyone in the game are not allowed though.
    What is the price of the Omniscient Owl?
    What is the price of the Royal Draken Mail?
From time to time, CipSoft hosts unique events that won't repeat in the future. They will only be valid for the duration of the event, however, since they are very useful while the event lasts, they are allowed. They must clearly refer to the event by name in the title, so that they are not confusing for anyone viewing them in the future.
    What is the best strategy to win the Radiance tournament?
    What are the cooldowns for 25th Tibia Anniversary events?

Easily answered by official manual

Since having the exact same content repeated on this site does not add any value, questions that are already answered by the official game manual or the Tibia website are to be avoided.
    How much exp is required for level 56?
    When does the Lightbearer event start?
Sometimes questions are only partially answered by the official website or require additional research effort to be completely answered. Such questions are allowed.
    What is the loot of a demon?
    What are the exact locations of the basins for the Lightbearer event?

Remember that this is a Q&A site - only questions and answers. You should not post contents that are not actual questions - like tutorials or plain ranting. Also any questions that go against Tibia Rules will not be tolerated. Finally, all of the content on this website should be posted in English.
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