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I would love to finish my achievement for 10 000 steps on the snow. The achievement is called "Snowbunny ". Is there any place with protection zone on the snow?

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BEST place os the one krisph said.
But I would not do this in purpose, I mean, you are getting this achievment just completing bestiary of svargrond, searching for points of interest, picking ice flowers Up, or going to the blessing of the Camp.
You Will get It eventualy, and It won't take a long time
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Ah! Is good idea. I hunt on frost dragons in Okolnir but I wanted help a little to get this achievement :D Thanks <3

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The entire area within the fire in the pic below is protective zone! This is located as soon as you get to Nibelor, enjoy :)

You can go there by talking to Iskan, ask him for passage, you will have to help him with a small quest first from (The Ice Islands Quest).

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Maybe here? :) this place is on Vega (have PZ)

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I am not sure if it will count when I click on the floor only in protected zone I see:
10:40 You see ice.
10:40 You see stones.
10:41 You see ice.
10:41 You see snow.
So it is only three sqm with "snow". But at last it is new place and I didn't know about this place. Thanks.
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I know, but "poor" version than Nibelor - you don't need acc :P