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I got a 86 days streak for collecting daily rewards at the shrines. But I would like to change days I recive certain things, like the training weapons/wands and exp boost. But before I do this I want to know if there is any achievment related to the daily streak. So my question is as the titel says: Is there any achievements related to the daily reward system?

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No. Not yet atleast. I've seen a guy going on a streak from the day the system was introduced untill the day people got banned for exploiting the Fugue bug, then he lost the streak due to his 1 day ban.

He didn't get any rewards, so I think it's pretty safe to safe that there isn't any achievements to it.

Can't know for sure though.
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There is nothing proven by any player or Tibia-related pages about earning achievements using Tibia's daily rewards system, taking advantage of the subject, I will leave more on the subject if you have further questions.

"The Daily Reward System (or Daily Rewards System in Portuguese) is a daily access reward system implemented in the Summer Update 2017. The system basically works as follows: in the temples and depots of the main cities there is a Reward Shrine."

Recompensas Diárias - Tibia Wiki

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My reward streak currently is 1177, no there doesn't seem to be any sort of achievement or secret reward other than what's provided from the daily reward system itself.

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That's a crazy amount of days man! Dedication
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Thank you :)