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I heard some people in English chat talking about double daily reward month but they couldn't clarify. Is this an actual event? If so, when is it and what happens?

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This is an annual event that happens every year which started in 2018 where all daily rewards are doubled! I pasted from the news-

All Tibians will receive twice as many items from the reward shrine during that time. The daily reward XP boost will last twice as long as well!

A good tip will be to always check the news and also the Event Schedule here: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=eventcalendar

Or go to the official Tibia website at Tibia.com and then go to News -> Event Schedule and you'll also be at that link. If you hover over a particular event it'll tell you what the event is about as well. You can also view the calendar on the login screen of your Tibia client. Typically this event will also be shown in the News. 





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They will do it this year as well :)

If you hover over the little star/sun in the event schedule during March month it says
"Double Daily Reward Month: Make sure you collect your daily reward. If the golden sun welcomes you at the shrine all daily rewards will be doubled."

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Wow I'm excited :) didnt see that thanks
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How does the double daily month work?
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It is an event during which all your reward shrine rewards are doubled, for instance, you can get 4 wands instead of just two, or your boost will last 60min instead of 30! It took place last February (and hopefully one day it can be repeated).
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Thanks for the added details I'm not sure why someone downvoted you because your information is correct so I upvoted this because it is indeed correct.
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Oh well, thanks!