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I know the daily reward is based off of your vocation and premium or free account status. I know you can grab ultimate potions no matter your level. But my question is do they base it off the type of game world you play (pvp, non-pvp) and also the level of your character?

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You can see the daily rewards for each day by hovering over the single days. There is of course a difference between the rewards for free and Premium account characters. Apart from that there are certain rewards where characters can choose from a list of items. These lists depend on your character's vocation, level as well as the game world type.

Also, there have been adjustments in the past, so the rewards now differ from earlier rewards.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me once more.

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I submitted a help ticket as per my curiosity when doing a test of what daily rewards I would get. I realized the list would change when testing it on other characters. Cipsoft sadly wasn't able to give me a list of differences but only confirm my suspicion. However, interesting I could never find a news article or anything talking about this. The only way you would know there was a difference is if you paid attention to the list of rewards (the potions and rune list on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th day) and if you had characters in other worlds or various levels.

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The only diffrence at daily rewards is between Free and Premium accounts, all the rest doesn't make any difference it includes the server type and character level. You can see the differences below:

Free Account Players

 Premium Players

  1. Choose 5 runes or potions.
  2. Choose 5 runes or potions.
  3. One Prey Wildcard.
  4. Choose 10 runes or potions.
  5. One temporary Gold Converter with 100 charges.
  6. One Training Weapon.
  7. Ten minutes 50% XP Boost.
  1. Choose 10 runes or potions.
  2. Choose 10 runes or potions.
  3. Two Prey Wildcards.
  4. Choose 20 runes or potions.
  5. One temporary Temple Teleport scroll and one temporary Gold Converter with 100 charges.
  6. Two Training Weapons.
  7. Thirty minutes 50% XP Boost.

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