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By example if I take "Ultimate Mana Potions" from reward shrine with a Knight character.

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Well you will lose that reward day...

I never tested by myself but people use creatures corpses in depot to delete the items they got wrong in the reward shrine
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Oh I knew I saw this already here somewhere but couldn’t find xD thx Ellotis :)
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Disintigrate runes do not work?

I never tryed, otherwise raven's idea about using dead corpes looks brillant.
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Are you sure that you can do it??

At all of my character I can take rewards only suitable for their vocation.
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You are right, so just change by Ultimate Health Potion on lvl 8.
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if you got it on lvl 8 maybe you can keep it until you get enough lvl
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Maybe but if I cant or dont want lvl up?
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Use desitengrate rune or a dead creature to delete it :D or just put in your dp and leave it there forever...
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